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The Week of Awesome : Day 2

Hello everyone. Today I worked on the main menu. So I had to find a sci-fi style texture pack. When you hover over a button, the color of the button changes. Same thing when you click on it. I also integrated a little music created by a great artist: I created a debug level in order to develop my features without having to take care of a full level. For now, I’ve included the player’s ship with its basic movement and fire. I also have two basic enemies but they don’t move at the moment. Here are two small screenshots of my progress:

* Screenshot not available
* Screenshot not available

For tomorrow, my goals are:

  • Integrate movement patterns for enemies.
  • Start creating the first level.

The week of awesome : Day 1

This week I am participating in a game creation competition. This must be done during the week of August 7 to 13, 2017. There are four proposed themes and we must choose two and implement them in our game. For my I decided to choose the Alien Invasion and Chain Reaction theme. My game will be a Shoot’em up. Today I wrote the story and chose my sprites that I will use. I bought a small pack online to help me. Subsequently I created my project and I set myself the goal of displaying the ship with an animation for completeness. Here is a small screenshot:

My goals for tomorrow are:

  • Integrate controls
  • Integrate shots
  • Integrate 1 enemy to test

That’s all for the moment. I hope to be able to tell you more tomorrow. Good evening !