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Creation of NPCs

Hello everybody ! The last week was dedicated to the creation of NPCs for the first cutscene of the game. Since the first cutscene takes place in the HLB (Humanity’s Last Base), there must be NPC characters to fill the base a bit. So I created 9 differents NPCs with the help of Game Character Hub creation tool. This tool was originally created for the Rpg Maker serie but can be used for other game engine. Just need to export our characters in png. Subsequently, there is some integration work to be done in Game Maker but it is not too complicated. Finally, here are the NPCs that were created this week:

Link for comments :

Hard drive failure

Have a good Monday, everyone ! The last week was supposed to be devoted to the creation of the dialogs of the first cutscene but a great misfortune happened to my production hard drive. This one has finished is life in a loud crashing noise. So I had to buy another one and reinstall all my softwares in order to be able to work again on the game. Fortunately, I lost only about 1 hour of work with the help of bitbucket. If you still  not work with an external source control, I really recommend it. It can save hours and hours of work in case of hardware problems. Before the crash of my hard drive, I began to draw a little  civilian who will walk in the base during the cutscene. I still have some work to do on it to improve it. Here is an animation of it:

During the week, I discovered an extraordinary website for planning video game projects. His name is Hacknplan. On this website, you can write your complete documentation. In addition, you can plan your work with the Agile method. Most importantly, there is a free version that can still do a lot for individual developers. I recommend you take a look at it:

In the next update, there should be more things to show since I changed my hard drive. If you have questions or comments, you can post it here.

HLB base construction

Hello everyone ! The last week was devoted to the design of the HLB base. This will be used in the introduction video of the game. In general the design went well. First of all, I had to find a futuristic tileset that made it possible to create a large pretty base. I find this tileset in the DLC of RPG maker. So I buy the tileset:

Creating a map with GameMaker Studio 2 is very simple. In time to say it, I finished HLB. In all, it took about 3 hours of creation. Thereafter, I began creating small model character to find the right size. After some tests, I concluded that the ideal size is 48 x 72. For now, the character moves on site and all the animations in a loop. In the near future, there will be several characters who will walk around the map to give it a little life. Finally, here is a small screenshot that shows a small part of the base.

If you have questions or comments, you can post it here.

Project presentation

Hello, in the last week, there was work done at the forum level. For the moment, there are not many sections but we probably add other over time. The most important thing was to be able to give people the possibility to share their ideas, comments, opinion about the website news.

Now that the website is finished, we will be able to return to the design of our next game. Our next game is a game that we really care about. This one is called Humanity’s Last Hope. The game will be a vertical “Shoot’em up” game. It will contain a story mode and an arcade mode. The story mode will contain a very humorous story while the arcade mode will allow you to fight as many enemies as possible and make as many points as possible. In order to create the game quickly, we decided to create it with GameMaker Studio 2. For the moment, we don’t have screenshot to show you but it will come quickly soon.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to go on the subject of the news on the forum at this address:

Welcome back !

Hello, welcome to the brand new version of SJS-Studio. This version will be very much focused on the presentation of current and future projects. To get there, there will be updates every week that will be called “Monday News”. Why updates on Monday? Simply because the majority of the work on the games takes place on the weekend. I was inspired a lot by the Factorio website and its “Factorio Friday Facts”. I find that it allows to regularly share the progress of a project.

This week, most of the work was done on the website. I found a logo as well as a theme for WordPress much more professional than before. I rework the main menu to find the information quickly. There are still a few things to improve, especially in the forum, but everything is easily accessible. In a few weeks, it will be possible to comment the news directly on our discussion forum.

Coming in the coming weeks:

  • Finalization of the forum
  • Presentation of the Humanity’s Last Hope Project